The Science of Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best and most cost-effective tools to increase website performance.  As Search Engine Optimization service providers, we create SEO plans to fit each client’s unique needs.  Every business is unique, and requires a custom solution to get the best possible results and the quickest return on the marketing investment.  There are hundreds of SEO providers to choose from.  What makes us different?  Here are the key ways we stand apart from our competitors:

1) Research, Research, Research

Thorough research prior to campaigns ensures the best results and the most cost-effective use of client budgets. In addition to researching our clients’ potential customers and competitors, we stay up-to-date on SEO trends, best practices, and ethics in order to get the best possible results and maintain them.


A sound and effective SEO campaign starts with extensive business and keyword research. Skipping this crucial step of the process often leads to superficial rankings for keywords that may or may not impact your website’s traffic or, worse, can lead to traffic that is not relevant to your products or services.   We start with a prioritized  inventory of your products and/or services, your target audience, and for local campaigns, your business’s geographic location and how far, on average, your customers would be willing to travel for your products and services.  We run extensive research to see who your competitors are and what keywords will impact your business the most to determine the final keyword strategy.


2) Experience Counts

We perform both on-page SEO and off-page SEO as a part of each campaign.  Local Listing Optimization (LLO) is also integrated into campaigns that would benefit from thorough and consistent updates to their local listings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and similar local listing sites.

Our writers and programmers are leaders in the field of search and know the most effective and current methods to effectively promote your website . Anyone can place keywords on a webpage and call it SEO, but very few companies create content and perform coding that seamlessly flows and is both attractive and visible to search engines.



3) Transparency via a Simple Client Dashboard

Our easy-to-use dashboard allows clients to access rankings, work reports, and website stats 24/7. With its straightforward interface, reviewing campaign data and results is simple.

Please contact us for a free site analysis and well-researched proposal.